A silicone thermal pad is a type of thermal interface material (TIM) which is highly conductive to provide effective heat transfer and dissipation.

Thermal Silicone Sheet

Thermally conductive silicone sheet is a material with high thermal conductivity. The raw material is made of Nippon Denka High Thermal Conductivity Spherical Alumina Powder and Dow Corning Polymer. , can better fill the air gap, complete the heat transfer between the heat source and the heat sink, comprehensively improve the thermal conductivity, suitable for high-performance application requirements, and is an ideal thermal interface material.

1.0W Thermal Silicone Sheet

Thermally conductive silicone sheet is a high-performance gap-filling thermally conductive material, mainly used for the transfer interface between electronic equipment and heat sinks or product casings. It has good viscosity, flexibility, good compression performance and excellent thermal conductivity. Make it possible to completely discharge the air between the electronic components and the heat sink during use, so as to achieve sufficient contact. The cooling effect is significantly increased. At the same time, it has a certain viscosity, which brings great convenience in the installation process of the product compared with ordinary insulating and heat-conducting materials, is not easy to fall off, and is easy to operate.